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New Members
of the Association of First Aiders

The AoFA welcomes the following members who have joined or renewed their membership in October (This excludes members who have opted not to be listed within the Members Directory)
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Company Category
AYIVIN HEATHCARE - First Aid Training Provider
CMAFA - First Aid Training Provider
KAW Training - First Aid Training Provider
ORR Training & Event Solutions - First Aid Training Provider
Member Category
Steven Carlisle - First Aid Trainer
Patrick Delaney - First Aid Training Provider
Paul Doyle - First Aid Training Provider
Gerry East - First Aider
Rachel Ellison - First Aid Trainer
Chris Goodman - First Aid Trainer
Stephen Krause - First Aid Trainer
Neil Lackenby - First Aid Trainer
Andre Leister - First Aid Training Provider
Yvonne Line - First Aid Trainer
Peter Lundie - First Aid Trainer
John Stuart Markey - First Aider
Mark Martin - First Aid Trainer
Ross McMillan - First Aider
Ali Moghaddam - First Aider
Alastair Monk - First Aider
Andrew Palmer - First Aider
JOSEPH PANTALEON - First Aid Trainer
Kevin Reid - First Aid Trainer
Louise Robertson - First Aid Trainer
ANGELA MATHIAS RUTAGUZA - First Aid Training Provider
JORGE SACRAMENTO - First Aid Trainer
Austen White - First Aider
Kevin Wood - First Aider
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