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AED Location sign

AED Location sign

28 June 2017

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New AED location sign

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Subject: New AED Location Sign

In 2006, the Resuscitation Council (UK) BLS/AED Subcommittee designed a standard sign to indicate the presence of an automated external defibrillator (AED) to increase the opportunities for PAD.
In 2014 it was recognised that improved AED signage might encourage more people to use the AED

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e new AED location sign makes the following changes to the current one: 
-  It changes the lightning bolt icon into a stylised ECG
   heart trace
-  The description is changed to Defibrillator Heart
A supine person was added, showing the suggested
   placement of the defibrillator pads.

his supporting information poster reinforces the following key messages about PAD and the use of an AED:
-  Anyone can use an AED you do not need prior   
   medical or first-aid training
-  It is easy to use just follow its instructions
-  It is for use on an unconscious person not breathing    

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